Escola Nàutica

Nautical Academy


Select book hotels the course (up to 9 a year) to get the qualifications that suit your preferences best. 

Download the following documents to get all the information you need about the functions, cialis examination dates, hospital class schedule, prices and requirements for obtaining the different titles. 

Basic Sailing Skipper PNB_2014.pdf

For vessels up to 7.5 m long, it permits daytime sailing to up to 5 miles from the coast and jet skiing.


Pleasure loan payment calculator Vessel Skipper PER_2014.pdf

It permits daytime and night-time sailing for boats up to 12 m long to up to 12 miles from the coast. It also permits inter-island sailing in the Balearic and Canary Isles.


Yacht Skipper PY_2014.pdf

For sailing with vessels of up to 20 m in length, and 60 miles offshore.


Yacht Captain CY_2014.pdf

If local seo services you want to cross the Atlantic this is the qualification you need!

This title has no vessel or geographic limitations. 

You york hotels can get further information about classes related to theory in the different subjects at the Club office.

Classes can be held on weekdays or intensive weekend classes.

As a novelty, this year we are offering the option of theory and practice in just over 48 hours, concentrating all the training in a single weekend. You can get further information at the Club office.  

You can also refine your knowledge with our sailing lessons and the other courses of our Sea School.



To seo services register, or request further information, phone 977 36 05 31 or send an email to

Enjoy the sea and all its possibilities!


Pràctiques de ràdio al curs de patró de iot

Els alumnes del curs de patró de iot de l’acadèmia nàutica del Club Nàutic Cambrils tenien ahir una classe diferent. I és que van fer una de les sessions de practiques de ràdio. Aquestes són obligatòries durant el curs i se’n fan 4 hores.

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