Dear friends and members,

Allow me to start this letter by extending my own and the Board of Directors’ thanks for your confidence in and support of our proposal for the start this new stage of the management of the Cambrils Yacht Club after the elections of 18 June 2017.
We have now reached an important point that should guide us to defining the CNCB that we want for the future. As a result of the hard work, efforts, involvement and the commitment of many members, our own staff, our partners, our sportsmen and women, the companies in the local nautical sector and the competent administrations, we are in a privileged position to tackle the future in a way that will allow us to even further strengthen the CNCB’s leading position on the nautical map of the coast of Catalonia.
With the pride of leading a club with a long and vibrant history full of experiences, we have set to work with great enthusiasm. With the Club at the heart of all our endeavours, we intend to work transparently and participatively towards clear goals which, with the new contract for the management of the sports dock, pose us with even more challenges and opportunities that we must successfully achieve.

In terms of the definition of the new infrastructure, the tendering and construction process, the definition of its management model and adaptation to the rules of civic coexistence, not forgetting the ordinary management of the club, we have the following objectives: to achieve an excellent management model and to implement a more economic and member-oriented vision in developing and rolling out our activities.
The CNCB must spearhead the provision of rewarding experiences based around the nautical world. We will endeavour to offer a wide range of proposals to our members which we hope will make them feel part of the future of our Club, given that they are our most important asset. We also believe that it is important to make the general public more aware of the nautical world and its associated experiences. We want to explain and showcase our passion so it will have an impact on the process of integrating the Club in the town as a driver of the local economy.
This is an exciting project full of challenges, and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to get involved.

Ramón Vallverdú
President of the CNCB
November 2017