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Pleasure boats up to 8 meters in length, adequate power to the boat, up to 5 miles from the coast and nautical motorcycles. From € 380 (*)

PNB 2019

Pleasure Vessel Skipper

Pleasure boats up to 15 meters in length, adequate power to the boat, up to 12 miles from the coast, navigation between islands within the Balearic and Canary archipelagos, and government of nautical motorcycles. With the new regulations, the PER can increase its powers considerably by only doing a 24-hour navigation practice in a school boat properly conditioned for navigation in zone 2. The new attributions are: maximum length of the PER, 24 meters and as for the geographical limit, the PER can make the crossing between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. From € 630 (*)

PER 2019

Our school is committed to the training of sea lovers. That is why we put all our effort into doing some practices that really help you acquire the skills that navigation on the high seas demands. The route that we will follow will be the one that the meteorology indicates. However, the crossing to the Columbretes Islands seems very suitable for this purpose, so whenever we can we will go there (25 miles from Alcocebre).

Yacht Skipper

Pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length, up to 150 miles from the coast and nautical motorcycles. From € 1000 (*)

PY 2019

Yacht Captain

Pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length, pleasure boats, without geographical limitation and government of nautical motorcycles. From € 1125 (*)

CY 2019

The change must be requested from the Administration that issued it. At the Club Nàutic Cambrils Office requests can be made and the necessary procedures will be done to obtain the new title. It will be necessary to provide the psychophysical aptitude accreditation (it is not necessary if less than 2 years have passed since the date of the previous certificate). For those people in the process of obtaining a degree, we invite you to contact us and we will inform you as the case may be.


With the navigation license you can take boats of up to 6 meters in length, daytime navigation, adequate power to the boat, up to 2 miles from the coast and of class C watercraft. It can be obtained by anyone over 18 or minors who have reached the age of 16 at the time of the tests, with the consent of the parents or guardians. To obtain them, they must complete 4 hours of basic safety and navigation practices and 2 hours of theory.

Licencia de navegación 2019

If they already have the title, they must do 4 hours of basic security and navigation practices to obtain the new navigation license. € 150

(*) Prices include VAT but not registration fees for the exam and title management.

Our Nautical Academy continues adapting to the changes to be able to take the courses of all the degrees. Classes can be done on weekdays or intensive on weekends. They can also improve their knowledge with our navigation classes and the other courses of our Nautical Academy.

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Enjoy the sea and all its possibilities!