Sailing School

The Sailing School, the cornerstone of the Sports Section


The area known as the Sailing School is the cornerstone of the Sports Section of CN Cambrils. The young people who sign up for courses for beginners and advanced programmes are complemented by the other areas of the Section.

In recent years, it has earned a reputation as one of the best sailing schools in Catalonia. The technical team that manages the different activities, the major investment made in material in recent years by the CN Cambrils and careful activity planning and management are but some of the reasons that explain our acknowledged expertise.

Similarly, the programmes of all the courses and the different levels achieved by our students are based on the standards published by the Escola catalana de Vela (Catalan Sailing School), a teaching reference in our sport.

Furthermore, a major effort has been made to expand and diversify the sports-nautical offer. The Sports Section currently offers activities in Dinghy, Cruising, Windsurfing, Wake, Paddle Sup, Kayak and fishing.




Dinghy Courses for children and adults

The Sailing School currently has the capacity to offer introductory and advanced courses in Dinghy and Cruising all year round, as well as specific activities for different groups, such as those included in the Sailing School programs.

Duration and timetables 

   Option 1:                         Two weekends              From 10 am to 2 pm.

   Option 2 (Summer):        Monday to Friday           From 10 am to 1.30 pm (With dining room option)

                                                                                              From 3:30 pm 7 pm.  (With dining room option)

Casal de Mar

Once again this summer we are organising the Casal de Mar, a space for children between 4 and 8 years old, where the core activity is all about discovering and understanding the marine environment.

Excursions, team games, the beach, workshops, handicrafts, outings in kayaks and sailing boats are but some of the activities that will be on offer.

During the week, from Monday to Friday (with dining room option). 

casal de mar web

Cruising Courses

Courses from the age of 16 years old as an introduction to cruising and to achieve greater independence in sailing.

We adapt our timetables to your needs.


Windsurf Courses

They are organised from the Nautical Base on the Regueral beach.

We have all the material you need to get started.



Courses in Paddle Surfing (SUP)

Our Nautical Base on the beach offers you the chance to do the most "in" sport: SUP. 

Stay in shape outside the gym!

Nautical Day

Activity for students aged 8 to 16 years, from 9 am to 5 pm. Enjoy different water sports all day long: sailing, kayak, windsurfing, banana.



Water skiing/Wake

The CN Cambrils also offers alternatives to sailing, Wake and water ski, ideal ways of having fun in the sea and in summer...

Fishing courses

To learn and get started in fishing from a boat.

Information on timetables, types of courses and rates can be obtained by contacting the Club offices or by downloading the following.



If you want to sign up for one of the courses just download the following form and send it by fax or email.

doc Hoja inscripción Actividades Sección Deportiva


If you've already done courses with us and want to rent equipment to keep on practising your favourite sport, we offer the possibility of renting our material.

Take advantage of our special rates and have a great summer! 



Rècord d’alumnes participants al projecte vela escolar

El projecte de vela escolar del Club Nàutic Cambrils tanca la temporada amb 1.188 escolars. Aquesta és la xifra més alta des de que es va iniciar el projecte fa uns anys. El projecte de vela escolar pretén que des de les escoles els alumnes puguin fer un tast de les activitats nàutiques i així conèixer les seves possibilitats.

escolars abril 3


Gaudeix del mar amb la Base Nàutica, el Casal de Mar i els Cursos d'Estiu

El Club Nàutic Cambrils està a punt d’arrencar una nova temporada de Casal de mar, Estades Nàutiques i cursos de vela i windsurf. A més d’inaugurar la base nàutica a la platja del Regueral. Com cada estiu el Club obre el seu ventall de possibilitats d’oci i aprenentatge gràcies a les activitats i esports nàutics.

base tota


Spanish Impulse Academy, un nou pas

El Club Nàutic de Cambrils, juntament amb l'equip Spanish Impulse by Iberostar de la Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, presenta el seu nou projecte, la Spanish Impulse Academy. Aquesta neix amb l'objectiu de donar continuïtat al projecte esportiu iniciat fa un any, de cara a la participació en la màxima competició de la vela mundial júnior.

Spanish Academy charla


Navegació en família amb nens i nenes amb discapacitat

El Club Nàutic Cambrils i la Fundació Johan Cruyff es complauen en anunciar les “Jornades de navegació en família estiu 2016”, cialis  per la promoció de l’esport de la vela amb nens i nenes amb discapacitat. Una oportunitat per a gaudir de navegar a vela en família pel Golf de Sant Jordi.



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